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UFC 'dangerous activities' contract clauses limited to when fighters have a fight scheduled

More information emerges about the new "dangerous activity" restrictions in UFC contracts. It appears that the restrictions are only in place when you have a signed bout agreement in place.

Cameron Spencer - Getty Images

Last night I posted a video of Tracy Lee speaking to UFC lightweight Donald Cerrone in which Cerrone talked about the new clauses in UFC contracts that prevent fighters from taking part in "dangerous activities." We spent last night and this morning trying to acquire a full list of the prevented activities (we're still working on that) as well as further details on the clause.

But MMA Weekly has obtained some information about the new contracts and the prevented activities:

Some of these activities include snowboarding, wakeboarding, and mountain climbing, as well as driving a motorcycle or participating in any kind of exhibition game for sports like basketball or football.

The fighters enter into this new contract when signing a bout agreement for a fight being scheduled. This is not an amendment to new contracts as a whole, only bout agreements. Essentially, when a fighter signs on for a fight they are now contractually held to not participate in ‘dangerous activities' outside of normal recreational sports like swimming or hiking.

So, it's much better to see that this only takes place after you sign a bout agreement. Saying that you can't participate in activities that put a fight in jeopardy make a lot of sense, especially with guys like Jose Aldo getting into motorcycle accidents when he had an upcoming title defense.

These aren't complete full-time restrictions on fighter behavior which actually makes the restrictions simply smart business for the UFC, and there's no reason a fighter should have a problem with keeping himself as healthy as possible with the already constant risk of injuries in training.

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