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Nick and Nate Diaz talk Silva vs. Bonnar, weed, Ben Henderson

Nick and Nate Diaz were guests on MMA Uncensored Live last night, and talked about a variety of subjects in the MMA world.

Esther Lin of MMA Fighting

The Diaz brothers are two of the most interesting characters in MMA, and their dislike for the media just adds to the mystique surrounding them. So when both of them showed up for an in-studio interview on MMA Uncensored Live last night on Spike, people were pretty interested in what they had to say. Nick started off the interview by saying it was a joke that Stephan Bonnar is fighting Anderson Silva at UFC 153 when it could be him in there against Silva instead (via MMA Fighting):

"They said in what world does it make sense," in referring to Dana White's reaction when Diaz's camp tried to push the idea of a Silva vs. Nick Diaz fight at one point. "Me or Stephan Bonnar, it would have been a big laughing matter or a joke, but that's what's happening now. I think if I was Anderson Silva and I'm on my way out of this and I'm 37, I'm looking to do a few more fights like that, I want to fulfill my legacy and I'm not going to be able to do it with Stephan Bonnar."

When asked by host Craig Carton if marijuana was a performance enhancer (obviously expecting Nick to say no), he ended up saying quite the opposite before measuring it against steroids to tone it down:

"Well, I think if somebody can use it to help them medicinally, it's going to be performance enhancing regardless," he said.

"Your random guy trying this marijuana, to go smoke it and then go fight, I don't think it's a good idea."

Diaz also commented on his lawsuit against NSAC, without really saying anything:

"I'm not really focused on that," he said about the suit. "I'm trying to live life like a normal person."

The interview also touched on Nick's thoughts on his bout with Carlos Condit, and a few other things. They then moved onto Nate, who talked about his UFC on Fox 5 opponent Ben Henderson:

"Ben Henderson is a good opponent, he's had some good fights," said Nate Diaz. "I'm pretty pumped about finally fighting for the title. I'm looking forward to my brother having my back. I just got out of a boxing camp, the boxing never really stopped."

"Yeah, I've seen him in Jiu Jitsu tournaments," said Nate Diaz. "He's really good. I've seen him in gi competition. He gets out of stuff, dominates people, he's a real athletic guy. He's definitely the champion for a reason."

Overall the interview was pretty good, and not that awkward. I hope they can continue to do these sorts of interviews in the future.

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