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Dana White, Jon Jones, and Chael Sonnen chat: Alvarez, Bonnar, Diaz, much more

Scott Cunningham

UFC president Dana White did a Metro PCS chat on Ustream tonight from the TUF house, and was joined by UFC light heavyweight champion and Ultimate Fighter 17 coach Jon Jones. Fans asked questions about everything under the sun, and both men answered honestly. Then in a weird twist, Dana left and the chat was hosted by Jones and his opposing coach, Chael Sonnen. And the two men were acting like best friends, both saying that the other is a "pretty good guy". They even had a flexing contest.

White then took over the questions and started lobbing hardballs at Chael, but he handled it well. The whole thing was pretty strange, but Chael managed to get a couple of funny digs in at Jones and a few other fighters.

You can catch the whole video here, if you'd like to watch it.

I'll break down the news that Dana broke first, then move onto the comments from each of the TUF 17 coaches.

Dana White

-Andrei Arlovski won't be returning to the UFC unless he defeats a top opponent.
-Jon Jones vs. Anderson Silva will happen one day (he said that twice)
-Recently tried to sign Fedor Emelianenko, but he's "retired for good".
-Confirmed Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira vs. Fabricio Werdum as the TUF Brazil 2 coaches.
-Talked to Dan Henderson, his knee isn't 100% yet
-On Strikeforce - 'who knows, we'll see what happens'
-Has interest in Tyrone Spong, not much in Dave Bautista
-No idea who Nick Diaz will fight, needs to get relicensed first
-Said Fedor is one of the best HW's ever, but not one of the best fighters ever. 'You're outta your mind.'
-On fighter pay - 'Trust me, these guys are getting paid. Mind your business.'
-Stephan Bonnar is now retired
-There is a fight planned for Cowboy Stadium, but it's not Jones/Sonnen.
-He isn't sure when Mark Hunt will return from injury.
-On signing Eddie Alvarez - 'We plan on it'.
-Says Anderson Silva is definitely not ducking Chris Weidman.
-Neither Frank nor Ken Shamrock would be invited to a BBQ at his place.

Jon Jones

-Wants to move to heavyweight around the end of 2013.
-Thinks Daniel Cormier is 'a little better wrestler than him', but 'this isn't a wrestling match'.
-Wants to fight Alexander Gustafsson so critics will shut up about his reach advantage.
-Said that Chael has been 'pretty nice' and 'classy' so far.
-Confirmed that Bubba Jenkins and Frank Mir are two of his TUF 17 coaches.

Chael Sonnen

-'The Jon Jones pizza - extra cheese and a whole lotta chicken'.
-Fan to Chael - 'No spinning backfist', Chael to fan 'You got a deal!'
-Says he's voting for Brian Stann in next week's election.
-Says he's still around 230, hasn't gained any weight yet.
-He hasn't spoken to Dan Henderson yet, but thinks their relationship will be fine.
-On Quinton Jackson - ' I don't have the foggiest idea what he's good at, but man, he can win a lot of fights.'

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