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Ken Shamrock now awaiting your call, only $11.99 a minute

Ken Shamrock is now a part of the Call a Champ roster, meaning you can talk to the former UFC star for just under twelve bucks a minute.

Photo: Ben Kevan

Ken Shamrock is the latest "sports superstar" to join the roster, meaning that you can call up the former UFC star and have a nice chat. long as you're willing to spend $11.99 per-minute to do it.

Here's a bit of the description from the site on why you may want to call up "The World's Most Dangerous Man":

Bob Shamrock taught Ken how to channel his anger and transform the rage into success in sports -- a success evident in Ken’s record, which, arguably, has not been matched in any other sport:

Four time UFC Heavyweight Champion

First UFC Superfight Heavyweight Champion

First Pancrase Heavyweight World Champion

WWF Intercontinental Champion

WWF Tag Team Champion

TNA World Heavyweight Champion

King of the Ring Champion

Pride Superfight Heavyweight Champion

Four Time Tough Man Champion

Ken, garnering no less than 14 World and other Major Championships, holds the distinction of being the very first athlete to be elected to the UFC Hall of Fame.

I'd argue roughly a thousand athlete's resumes ahead of Shamrock's without breaking a sweat, but let's focus in on the accomplishments listed.

Shamrock's early MMA career deserves plenty of respect. He was one of the few guys in the early UFC events that actually knew what he was doing and he was a more than capable fighter in MMA's early days.

However, listing his accomplishments like tough man championships, a "PRIDE superfight heavyweight championship" that doesn't exist, pro wrestling titles and a number of UFC "heavyweight championships" that Ken never actually won? That's a little bit "out there."

It also speaks to how far Ken has fallen. Once a man whose name was synonymous with the UFC, he's now one of a number of faded athletes hoping that someone can be tricked into paying $12 a minute to talk about his past glories.

He's now same as those sad old wrestlers trying to sell 10x12 glossies at intermission of an indy wrestling show.

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