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Bloody Elbow book review: Betting On MMA by Jason Rothman

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Some of you may already know that I recently started my venture into MMA gambling. With the exception of UFC 153, I've been finding consistent success with this foray. So, when Jason Rothman approached Bloody Elbow for a review of his book Betting On MMA I was excited to volunteer.

From the outset, Jason makes it clear that he's not here to hold your hand. He expects a certain understanding of how MMA betting works, how odds are calculated, and the sport. He specifies that the book is for an advanced audience, though I'd say it's perfect for the intermediate level gambler as well.

Throughout the book, Rothman quotes and relies heavily on the business strategies of renowned investor Warren Buffet. Buffet made his name by patiently waiting for opportunities where the market didn't accurately reflect the potential value of an investment. That's when he'd buy and make a killing when the market caught up. This is the exact strategy Rothman espouses and explains in the book.

For Rothman, the most important part of being an effective bettor is finding the opportunities where there's a gross discrepancy between the given odds and the most likely outcome of a bout. In essence, his book gives you tools and tips to recognize the factors that lead to those discrepancies. On top of that, he reminds you not to let issues like hype and dated reputation cloud your own decision making.

Betting On MMA won't show you how to breakdown a fight or compare complicated stylistic matches. But that's not it's purpose. Instead, the book provides you with a systematic thought process to ensure you're making a sound investment. This book is a fantastic pickup for anyone trying to establish themselves in the world of MMA betting. Whether you're just jumping into MMA gambling or are find yourself lacking confidence in your picks, this book can give you the tools to be successful.

You can find the Kindle e-book here or pick up the paperback here.