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Cub Swanson says '10/10 times' comment was for Jens Pulver, not Jose Aldo

After an interview on Monday where Cub Swanson was quoted saying he could beat Jose Aldo 10/10 times, he returned to Sherdog radio to clarify he meant he could beat UFC veteran Jens Pulver, not the current Featherweight champion.

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In an interview with Sherdog radio Monday afternoon, UFC Featherweight Cub Swanson made an incredibly bold statement regarding the division's champ Jose Aldo. Swanson was asked if losing in such a highlight reel fashion to Aldo increased his desire for a rematch. Swanson replied:

It does, but it's been a while. I've put it past me. I know that I could win that fight 10 out of 10 times if we did it again. It's not even an issue to me anymore. I would actually love for my brother to fight him. [My brother] is more of an up-and-comer, which I feel is more of a fair fight.

Apparently Cub was as surprised as many other MMA fans when the quote was released. So, Swanson came back to the radio show on Wednesday to clarify:

We were going back and forth about different past opponents, and that was a mental error on my side. I was talking about Jens Pulver, and I thought you guys had asked me about a rematch with him. That's why I said that was a long time ago and that I had put it past me.

"No, [I don't want my brother to fight Aldo.] My brother is a [flyweight], and he fights at 135 [pounds] as well, but that's the fight that I would love for my brother to have -- with Jens. Jose Aldo is the fight that I want.

Obviously, this makes much more sense. Pulver beat Swanson back in 2007 coming off back to back losses and proceeded to lose his next 6 bouts. That has to be a blemish on Cub's record that he'd like to erase. He goes on to explain that he would definitely like another chance against Aldo and believes it wouldn't go the same as their first fight.

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