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Junior dos Santos: Velasquez will get knocked out again if he stands with me

Brendon Thorne

UFC on Fox 1 was a huge event for everyone involved - it was the UFC's first event on network television, and the main event was a heavyweight title fight between Cain Velasquez and Junior dos Santos. Recently, AKA teammate Jon Fitch revealed that Velasquez was injured going into the bout. And in a media powwow in LA (via MMA Fighting), JDS admitted that he also came into the bout hurt:

"When I hurt my knee 10 days before the fight, I was very worried," dos Santos said. "I'm not shy to say, but I cried. I was two days walking with crutches, and that was very tough for me. But then I started to do my physical therapy, and my knee came around again."

He explained his rationale for not pulling out of the bout:

"When I beat Roy Nelson, I had my chance to fight for the title," dos Santos said. "Then something happened with Cain. I stayed waiting for him for one year. I asked for another fight and they put me on ‘TUF.' I fought Shane Carwin and that was very dangerous." Dos Santos holds up his fists. "Everyone knows he has bombs, right? After I took that Carwin fight and won, nothing was going to keep me out of my fight with Cain."

It all worked out for Dos Santos at the time, as he picked up the belt with a 64-second knockout. The two men will rematch at UFC 155 on December 29th, and JDS believes that Velasquez is a worthy of a rematch. But he issued a warning to the former champion:

"I think considering me as the first heavyweight in the world, I think Cain is the second one for sure, at this time," dos Santos said. "I want to fight with the best fighters in the world, Cain Velasquez for sure will give me his best. I love to knock out people, I would love to do it again. He is pretty good on his feet, but, if he accepts to fight standing with me again he's going to get knocked out again."

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