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Photos: The disturbing Halloween costume of UFC's Ryan Bader

Tweets of the Day: Photos of Ryan Bader's "eye catching" Halloween costume

Halloween is right around the corner, and this past weekend, people have already started dressing up for the occasion. UFC lightheavyweight, Quinton Jackson dressed up as Batman during his party, but a fellow light heavyweight may have beat him for "most eye catching" costume this year.

Ryan Bader had his own early Halloween party with his friends and teammates such as Aaron Simpson, and the UFC fighter has tweeted several photos of his costume. Check out the photos above of Female Body Builder, "Ryhana Bader".

The photos are from Bader's twitter account and it came with the following tweets:

Bader's past Halloween costumes weren't as shocking (or funny, depending on how you look at things) as Ryhana, but they were pretty interesting as well. Check them out below: