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Dana White trashes 's**tiest round in TUF history,' says NSAC should be embarrassed by scoring

Dana White lets The Ultimate Fighter cast, Nevada State Athletic Commission and anyone else involved with this week's episode of TUF have it after arguably the worst fight in series history.

Victor Decolongon

Last night's Ultimate Fighter saw one of the worst fights in series history (in fact, Beau Dure suggested it was exactly that). Michael Hill beat Matt Secor in the polar opposite of a barn burner and the fight didn't go over well with UFC president Dana White.

Here's what White said during the recap of the fight on the show:

"That first round would probably have to go down as one of the shittiest rounds in TUF history. One punch was thrown by each guy and then a bunch of laying around. The first round, maybe they didn't hear me say, "This is 2 five-minute rounds." This is a fight! You've got two fucking rounds to win this fight! At the end of the first round, I gave Matt that round. They said to me, "No, no, no, mike won that round." I wouldn't argue it. Second round, if you don't give that round to Matt...I don't know what you're doing. There was no doubt who won that round. [3rd Round], nobody is fighting with a sense of urgency! Nobody is fighting like they want to fucking win. Are you on summer vacation right now did you come here to win this show, become the ultimate fighter, make it into the UFC, and become champion someday? Why did you come here? This isn't fucking summer camp!"

But Dana didn't stop at criticizing the fight, he also took the wood to the Nevada State Athletic Commission for their scoring of the bout:

"That is fucking beyond comprehension. The judges handed me the piece of paper and I'm like, "You gotta be fucking kidding me." If that doesn't keep someone from judging ever again, nothing should. I had a hard time walking up there and reading the score. Even the blue team is pissed about the outcome of the fight! The Nevada State Athletic Commission should be embarrassed. No matter what side of this decision you're on it's bad."

What little I've watched of this season has been an embarrassment to the already fading legacy of TUF. And Dana seems to be on board as the show closed with him going to the house to explain to the fighters just how disappointing they've been and telling them to "turn it up a notch" if they want a chance to fight on the finale card.