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Live discussion for The Ultimate Fighter 16, Episode 7

Join us on Bloody Elbow as the reality show drama unfolds tonight on Episode 7 of TUF 16.

Episode 7 of The Ultimate Fighter reality show goes live tonight at 10:00 p.m. ET on the FX channel. Season 16 features heavyweights Roy Nelson and Shane Carwin as the opposing coaches of the selected field of welterweight contestants. Rendezvous here to partake in enlightening discussion as the show transpires.

Thus far, Team Carwin leads by a hair with 3 wins to Team Nelson's 2. The following is a recap of last week's show, Episode 6, by Bloody Elbow's T.P. Grant.

Week 6 results: Team Nelson #4 pick Colton Smith def. Team Carwin #6 pick Eddy Ellis via majority decision.
Team Carwin leads the competition 3-2.

Team Carwin: #2 Bristol Marunde, #4 Neil Magny, #7 Igor Araujo
Team Nelson: #4 Colton Smith, #7 Joey Rivera

General consensus on the fight is that there was some weird judging going on here and the fight should have gone to a third round. Of course, the exact same thing was said last week, though in that case it was Team Carwin and Igor Aruajo benefiting from shoddy judging, so what goes around comes around I guess.

Here's a recap of who has made it to the quarter-final round so far:

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