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Badr Hari facing Attempted Manslaughter charge, could get 10 years in prison

Former K-1 kickboxing world champion Badr Hari remains in a Dutch jail and may be charged with Attempted Manslaughter, a crime carrying a possible 10 year penalty.

Dan Herbertson for Headkick Legend

Former K-1 kickboxing champion Badr Hari has been in legal trouble for a while and things are just getting worse. He's been in a Dutch jail for a while now and according to (a major Dutch news site) is facing charges in 8 cases of violent assault including one for which he may be charged with Attempted Manslaughter, a crime that could mean a 10 year prison sentence.

Our own Fraser Coffeen detailed the incident for which Hari may be charged a couple of months back:

On July 9, Hari attended a party at the Amsterdam ArenA. Also at the party was Dutch millionaire businessman Koen Everink. At some point in the night, Everink was assaulted in his VIP box, badly beaten, with his ankle shattered to the point that he may never fully walk again.

Hari's name was quickly implicated in the case, though his exact involvement was unclear. After a period of police investigation that included Hari leaving the country and subsequently being named the prime suspect, the K-1 fighter came forward and admitted his guilt. According to Hari, yes, he had been directly involved in the attack and had struck Everink. With that admission of guilt, Hari was jailed, where he now awaits a court date.

It's a sad waste of talent.

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