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Interview: Former UFC fighter, Shamar Bailey, injured while fighting 2 alarm fire *update*

Former UFC welterweight / lightweight fighter, Shamar Bailey, injured while putting out a two alarm fire in Indianapolis.

Image courtesy of Tracy Lee
Image courtesy of Tracy Lee

Former UFC welterweight / lightweight fighter, Shamar Bailey is not just a mixed martial artist, he's also a full-time firefighter in Indianapolis. This summer alone, he's responded to more than 300 fires, in addition to other emergency, non-fire related calls. Yesterday, he responded to a two alarm fire in a three story home that was rapidly getting out of hand, and received some 2nd degree burns over his chest and wrists in the process of getting it under control. Not to worry though, he's not hospitalized or in any imminent danger from his wounds. He wants everyone to know he's doing fine, and will be fully recovered in a couple weeks. I spoke with him about the incident, and here's what he had to say:

It's nothing too major. I'm not in the hospital, or anything. We had a big fire yesterday involving a three story house. It flashed over on us while we were cutting holes in the roof. While we were cutting the holes, there was an explosion. The fire and smoke heated up to a release point and exploded in our faces. Fortunately, we had our masks on, but I did get some exposure in my chest area and on my wrists, and that's where I'm burnt. We went ahead with business and put the fire out, and I actually didn't realize until afterwards that I had been burned.

To have a fire explode in your face, to even see something like that from a reasonable distance, might make some 'tough guys' wet themselves. Shamar took it all in stride and even says that his scheduled December 15 bout with Gideon Ray for the Flawless FC promotion is still going to happen. This coming from a guy that has second degree burns on his chest and wrists (with blisters, by his account).

I got some second degree burns, but like I said, nothing too major. There's some blistering, so we've just got to clean them, dress them, and it's probably not the best idea to be rolling around on the mat right now [laughs]. We've just got to let them heal up, and then I can get back into training full time again. I'm supposed to be fighting in December against Gideon Ray for a show in Chicago. I should have more than enough time to get healed up and get back into training for it.

I whine when I get a light sunburn, so my respect meter is reading at full capacity, right now. Firemen, in my humble opinion, are the closest thing we have to superheros. They typically don't get the fanfare and publicity that police officers do, but really are the unsung heros of every big city or small town. I have to tip my hat to guys like Bailey, for doing a job that most men and women don't have the courage or capacity to do.


Shamar passed on a link to me that will allow you to see the fire from this incident. There are some really good pics of the blaze:

You can follow Shamar via his Twitter account, @shamarbailey

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