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UFC welterweight Josh Koscheck out until 2013, targets Nick Diaz as one of his possible opponents

UFC welterweight Josh Koscheck has been on the shelf the past few months after suffering a bulging disc leading up to his UFC 151 fight against Jake Ellenberger. The former title challenger is out until 2013, but he has a list of potential opponents he'd like to face, including Nick Diaz.

Joe Camporeale-US PRESSWIRE

UFC welterweight contender and former title challenger Josh Koscheck was originally scheduled to fight Jake Ellenberger at UFC 151, but a bulging disc put him out of the fight and was the early warning sign that the card would fall apart. Koscheck was hoping for another bout this year, which would've been his 3rd, but according to him his next fight won't be until 2013. Via MMA Weekly:

"Doesn’t look like the UFC has a fight for me until 2013. So I’ll just train and get better," Koscheck wrote on Tuesday.

As for who he'd like to fight? Well he listed multiple contenders at 170, and one of them includes Nick Diaz.

When he does come back, there are a few names on his wish list for opponents, but Koscheck has never been too much in the business of hand picking who he will fight.

"I’d like to fight Nick (Diaz), Demian Maia, Jake Ellenberger, Rory MacDonald, any of those guys will do it," said Koscheck.

Of the potential bouts Koscheck listed, I'd absolutely love to see him fight Nick Diaz. It would be pure entertainment from the moment the contracts are signed. Trash talk aside it's an interesting clash of styles, as Koscheck has a strong wrestling game, but Diaz has the clear boxing advantage and could very well cause Josh's right eye to swell up for the 4th fight in a row.

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