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Dana White's ear surgery delayed until 2013


UFC president Dana White has been waging a nasty battle with Meniere's disease lately, that has caused him to miss an event (UFC on Fuel 3 in May) and sure he's not up to handling his regular duties at times. The disease, an inner-ear disorder that causes vertigo and other nasty things, is something that White planned to have surgery on this week. It turns out that he'll have to delay that surgery though, which he explained in a message to MMA Fighting:

"My schedule and the doctor's didn't line up," he said, via text message.

The initial surgery White talked about would have had him on the shelf for a while, but he explained an alternative surgery at the UFC 153 post-fight press conference that would have allowed him to recover much quicker. This is the one he was going to have, but apparently it will have to wait until January 2013, according to MMA Fighting's report. Hopefully he doesn't have any more attacks between now and then.

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