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MMA video playlist: 150 Knock Outs

A video playlist compiling MMA KO's by Zombie Prophet of starting with the legendary simultaneous KO and running through a list of the most brutal KOs in MMA history.

In case your life is an empty wasteland while we wait for the next UFC, Zombie Prophet has something special for you a video playlist compiling 51 videos and over 150 brutal knockouts starting with one of the legendary double KOs and ending with a best of UFC Knockouts video.

It's a video playlist so just hit play on the video above and use the FF button to skip ahead.

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Here's the playlist (you might note that there is more than one "all time best KO in MMA", as well as several "fastest KO's")

MMA Double KO 2

Killer Knockout Punch by Pete Drago Sells VS Nordine Taleb

GFL Knockout Of The Week - LeGrant Romero Vs. Josh Nay

AMAZING KO punch by Thomas English

Female MMA KO Knockout

AsylumXXX - Eliezar Mendez Garcia vs Dominic Macchio -

ROC XXXI - Joseph Aviles vs Mike Medrano - VICIOUS KNOCKOUT

Best MMA knockout ever

One Kick KO

RIng Of Combat XXXIV - Dustin Pague Vs Steve De Angelis - Vicious KO - O...

UFC flying knee MMA muaythai TKO KO Knockout.


Robert Munoz Amazing 3 piece knockout combo punches eliminates his oppon...

GFL Knockout Of The Week - Jared Combs Vs. Tyson Triplett

62-Year-Old MMA Fighter KO's 24-Year-Old!

Best Knockout ever in MMA

Asylum Fight League -Terry Laberdee vs Chris Edwards - Superman 1 Punch ...

Ross"Da Bandit"Dallow Australian MMA KO of the Year 2009

Inside MMA, The Bazzie Awards - KO Kick of the Year

One of the quickest MMA KO's Ever!!!

1 Second MMA Fight KO

Tim Sylvia vs Ray Mercer NEW HD

Tuff N Uff MMA - Jenny Yum vs Lindsay Jones - Female Spinning Back Fist ...

The Original Crazy 20 second Capoeira MMA Knockout!

Josh Barnett vs Pedro Rizzo 2 Affliction Banned

Funny MMA

MMA Knockout Of the Year - MMA Live - Yahir Reyes spinning backfist KO

Ultimate Insider: 30 Seconds or Less

RIE MMA - Terrell Hobbs vs Zobair Dorney - First Round KO

MMA Knockout: Long Beach Fight Night: Ozzie "The Outlaw" Alvarez's KO of...

Blood & Sand VIII - Juston Hoda vs Bobby Street - First Round Slam KO!!!

GFL Knockout Of The Week - Jared Combs Vs. Tyson Triplett

Evolution AMMA - Ben Syers Vs. Bob Ascolillo - 1 PUNCH KO - REF GETS MOU...

Fastest knockout MMA Ivhan Bibiatov vs Mateusz Piechocki

Fastest Knockout Ever (MMA)

Combat USA - 3/5/11 - Highlights - GFL Combat Sports

GFL Knockout of the Week - Kenny Mayhall Vs. Roy Ward

The most awesome KO in MMA history. -Xplosion 17

2 Second K.O.

Kick To The Head Kockout in MMA

9 Second MMA KO - Sami Berik

Knock Out Night One Highlight - Gladiator Productions - www.GFL.TV 4/23/11

MMA KO Jose Quinonez vs Ben Corso

Affliction Day Of Reckoning Vitor Belfort Vs Matt Lindland

Gilbert Yvel brutal Knockout on Pedro Rizzo

MMA ROC Champ Ricardo Romero KO's Durant for 4th Straight

Sheila Gaff presents the girls MMA best Knockout in 8 sec


Justin "The Terminator" Szablicki KO's his opponent in his MMA Debut

MMA: Inside the Cage #100 - "100 Knockouts Special Edition"

UFC Greatest Knockouts (POW 2011)



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