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Jason Miller talks to Ariel Helwani, discusses 'Lucky Patrick' interview, details of arrest and more

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Jason "Mayhem" Miller discusses a variety of topics with Ariel Helwani after their bizarre prior MMA Hour interview. Miller also gives details of when he was arrested naked in a church.

Jason Miller's 2012 has been...odd, to say the least. His in-cage performances were bad enough as to lead to the end of his UFC career, but he didn't go quietly, instead engaging in public arguments with Dana White on Twitter. Mayhem also used Twitter to take part in odd moments of rambling, venting about frustrations with various people in his life.

And then there was the whole naked church arrest thing. Miller was found naked in a church by police following allegedly breaking in and spraying fire extinguishers and damaging property.

Miller would go on the MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani ahead of the release of Here Comes the Boom, a film in which Mayhem had a very minor part, and refuse to abandon a strange "Lucky Patrick" persona. After a painfully awkward interview consisting of Miller in-character while Ariel tried to get him to knock it off, Mayhem stormed out of the studio.

It now appears that the two have somewhat made-up, as seen in this MMA Fighting video with the two men going for a walk through Central Park. Mayhem insists that he "got" Ariel with the "Lucky Patrick" interview. Miller insists that Ariel and "everyone on the internet" has a "narrow view of him."

Mayhem also discusses Dana White and how Dana has no room to judge his fights, not being a "fighter" and never having to "miss a meal."

Most interestingly (to me, anyway), Miller discusses his arrest. Here's some quotes from the video on the subject:

Look, this thing. Again...Like I said..I live a very exciting life. Look...That's simply a misunderstanding, and REALLY, it's between me and my pastor. And that's it. ...Brian Anderson, Mission Hills Church! Shout out to you!'ll tell you what happened. I have performed under the moniker "Mayhem" for many years. And, most recently have got the title "Ultimate" slapped in front of my job. These combination of things makes any well meaning cop pull his pistol. Cause I look like a psycho. Understand? And I understand that. I just didn't have time to clean up.


Like I said, this is between me and my pastor. So I'd appreciate...only because they have a misdemeanor vandalism...obviously when they found me, I was alone.


Let me get this straight though. The story you ran with was obviously TMZ's version of events. ...I'm shocked that Ariel Helwani would take TMZ on face value.


I was waking up in the morning, I didn't have time to say anything, I just had a pistol shoved in my face.


If the district attourney wants to go crazy with a vandalism charge for a mess I cleaned up? Fine. I'll do whatever they want. I'll do community service. I'll do a million hours of community service.