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Tyson Griffin discusses the changes he needed to make for his career growth

Former UFC lightweight, Tyson Griffin, discusses regaining his passion for fighting and camp change.

Image courtesy of Tracy Lee
Image courtesy of Tracy Lee

Since his release from the UFC, Tyson Griffin has been keeping a relatively low profile. He hasn't been arrested, had a public meltdown or destroyed anyone's property. What he has done, is take a much needed break, moved to San Jose's AKA fight camp, and refocused his energies back on his career. He'll be making his RFA debut on November 2nd where he faces another UFC veteran in Efrain Escudero. After a pretty illustrious tenure with the Zuffa owned organization, including six 'of the night' bonuses, Tyson is looking toward getting back on the winning path, and that starts with regaining the spark that made him become a fighter in the first place. Here's what he had to say:

In the beginning, I got into this sport just because it was fun, but I think I allowed it to become a job. I allowed it to become that 9-5 , where I'm getting up and just grinding. Now I'm making changes to where I'm training, I moved and I'm just making changes in my life to allow myself to have fun with it again. To me, it's what this is all about. I'm having fun training again. I think when I took it to seriously and started thinking about it too much, my performances kind of spoke for themselves, and weren't as exciting.

With the move to AKA, Tyson is closer to his family and long time friends now, and says that the change in camps and being closer to home make his whole outlook on fighting take on a fresh, new vibe. He feels that with the new camp, he'll be able to get back to that place where he was passionate about his chosen profession, once again.

I'm enjoying my training again, and I'm mixing up things like I used to before I moved out to Vegas. I think we'll get to see that fast paced, quick transitioning mixed martial artist I used to be, rather than the defensive striker, take down defender that I became. There's more wrestlers now, and the competition is growing. I think the evolution of the sport is what's changing the way people fight.

You can follow Tyson via his Twitter account, @TysonGriffin

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