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Billy Robinson video on Catch Wrestling facelocks and neck cranks

Demian Maia's 'Rear Naked Torque' on Rick Story caused quite the stir at UFC 153. The masterful Billy Robinson shows the technical side of this brutal move in this new video.

A legendary coach to the likes of Kazushi Sakuraba, Billy Robinson has done and seen it all. Cutting his teeth at the infamous Billy Riley's Gym, better known today by its 'Snake Pit' moniker, facelocks and neck cranks were moves du jour for these tough as nails Lancashire Catch As Catch Can wrestlers.

With his eagle eye ever watchful, Robinson supervises his assistant coach Sam Kressin in the above video, demonstrating a few rear facelock and neck crank variations on Brandon Kiser of during the Robinson's most recent Certified Cartch Wrestler camp hosted though Scientific Wrestling, in Salt Lake City, Utah.

For those morbidly fascinated by the bloody scene of Rick Story appearing to have his head juiced from a Demian Maia applied 'Rear Naked Torque', Ben Thapa posted a Judo Chop on it earlier on this week, but this is a must see follow up video.

Also included among the footage is a bit of a bonus showing some rather nifty looking defensive counter-wrestling from the short offence head-to-head position, escaping from under a sprawl and front headlock.