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Matt Riddle tweets picture of his medical marijuana card

Riddle's twitter

A few days ago, news came out that UFC welterweight Matt Riddle was suspended for 90 days after a positive marijuana test following his UFC 149 win over Chris Clements. The fight was subsequently flipped to a no-contest along with the Francisco Rivera-Roland Delorme fight, where Rivera popped for a stimulant. Riddle rarely uses his twitter account, but he did fire it up recently to let people know that apparently he's a medical marijuana patient in his home state of Nevada. And he even included a pic of his card, which you can see above:

What does this mean? Not a whole lot. He wants people to know that he uses marijuana for medicinal purposes. But it's still against the rules to have more than a trace in your system at the time you fight, and he apparently pushed it too far. Plenty of you will use the old adage "it's just weed, man". Go ahead. I don't think that's going to make Riddle feel any better about the NC on his record instead of a W.