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Daniel Cormier says a fight with Jon Jones is bound to happen

Daniel Cormier says he and Jon Jones have interacted regarding a possible future UFC bout. Cormier also says it'll take him 6 months to properly cut to light heavyweight.


One of those "down the road" fights that looks like a tremendous scrap on paper is a potential meeting between Daniel Cormier and UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones. While Cormier is stuck in Strikeforce, watching all kinds of time from the prime of his career pointlessly tick away so he can have "one last fight" before being moved to the UFC, the idea of him eventually dropping down to 205 and facing Jones has been bounced around by plenty of fans and media.

Cormier talked about an interaction he had with Jones while on MMA Uncensored this week:

"At the Chael Sonnen fight, he walked up and got to his seat, and he asked me, 'Hey, are you going to 205?' I said, 'Yeah, we're gonna have to fight.' He goes, 'Good, cuz I'm ready for you.' So, obviously, this is a fight that he actually thinks about. But, I guess it just doesn't work for him, right now."

He also expanded on the fight and how long it would take him to be ready to make 205:

"I do. I think eventually, it's bound to happen. Obviously, this guy mentions me and talks about how I don't have enough followers on Twitter to coach The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) with him. So, you guys, get on Twitter and follow 'DC.' But, yeah, I think it'll happen eventually. It's a fight that people want to say, and I think it'll definitely happen.

Realistically, it would take some time. I think, six months. Because I would have to adjust my lifestyle. I'd be dieting and continuing my training. I would have to be real focused and real serious to do it."

(quote transcription by MMA Mania)

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