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UFC 153: Stephan Bonnar's wife to give birth close to Silva bout, might name child Griffin

Stephan Bonnar's wife Andrea is due just a couple of weeks after her husband's main event bout in Brazil. And they're considering naming the child after a former foe.

Ryan Pierse - Getty Images

Stephan Bonnar recently went from basically retired to main eventing UFC 153 in just a few short days. A bout with Anderson Silva is obviously a daunting task, but Bonnar also has something else pretty major on his plate - his wife Andrea is about to give birth to their first child. She's due on October 30th, 17 days after Bonnar's bout with Silva, but you never know. And to top it off, Andrea's younger sister is getting married that day as well. She explained to Kevin Iole of Yahoo Sports about how nervous she is regarding the big night:

"I'm terrified [the baby will come that night]," she said. "I'm scared to death to have the baby, period, let alone without him being here with me."

In the case of Forrest Griffin, UFC president Dana White flew him home on his private jet right after his fight so he could be with his wife who was about to give birth. According to the article, White offered Bonnar the same deal. Oh, and speaking of Griffin, Bonnar's most famous opponent might be the inspiration for the kids name:

They've talked about naming him Brandon, in memory of Andrea's late brother, Brandon Brown.

But Griffin remains seriously in the hunt as a very real, and cool, possibility for the baby's name.

"It started as a joke, but it kind of grew on us, to name him Griffin," Andrea Bonnar said. "Then he'd be Griffin Bonnar. It would be such a cute name and it would kind of create a tie to his dad."

No decision, though, will be made until baby Bonnar is born.

"We've got a couple of good ones in the bank, and we'll look at him when he comes out and decide," she said, laughing.

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