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MMA Uncensored Live stream and discussion - 10/18

Join us at Bloody Elbow to discuss tonight's episode of MMA Uncensored Live, which airs on Spike at their old time of 11 p.m. ET/8 p.m. PT. Hosts Nate Quarry, Craig Carton and ex-Bloody Elbow editor Luke Thomas will discuss a wide range of MMA topics.

Tonight's show features Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix champion Daniel Cormier in studio. I'm sure he has a few things to say considering Strikforce never even had the decency to tell him his November 3rd fight was off and he had to find out like the rest of us, via press release. In addition to that, Stephan Bonnar will check in with the guys from Las Vegas.

If you aren't able to catch the show live on Spike, they've come up with an alternative way to watch. Here! Right here on the site! Check above to watch the live stream of the show. And let everyone know what you think of the show right here as well.

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