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Strikeforce fighter Miesha Tate says it's ok for man to hit a woman if violently provoked

Last March, Miesha Tate lost her title and a heated rivalry bout against antagonist Ronda Rousey. A big issue came up when Tate's boyfriend Bryan Caraway physically threatened Rousey. Today, Tate took to Twitter to defend Bryan's statement and advocate equal rights.

Christian Petersen

Back in March, Strikeforce Bantamweights Miesha Tate and Ronda Rousey squared off to fight for the women's title. Leading up to the bout, the two ladies built up the match with a rousing war of words. The feud hit a peak the night before the bout when Tate's boyfriend and UFC Bantamweight Bryan Caraway gave in to Ronda's taunts. In response to an MMA fan, Caraway called Rousey an "unintelligent bimbo" and threatened to "knock her teeth dwn her throat the break her arm!" Today, that situation was brought up to Tate.

One of Tate's Twitter followers asked her why Bryan said he would "beat a woman" on behalf of his son. Tate responded:

Since then, Tate has been on a campaign advocating violent response from males toward violent females. Her basis of argument is that it's unacceptable that a woman could strike a man and he unable to defend himself. She's arguing vehemently against this double standard. To Tate this is an equal rights issue that is taken advantage of by aggressive females.