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Jon Jones opens as big betting favorite over Chael Sonnen

As expected, the light heavyweight champion is a decided betting favorite over the middleweight.

Paul Abell-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Even though the bout between Jon Jones and Chael Sonnen isn't scheduled for over six months, it never takes linemakers long to jump on big fights and this one is no different. In not-so-shocking news, the UFC light heavyweight champion that has successfully defended his belt four times in a row opened up as a large betting favorite over the middleweight that was TKO'd in the second round of his last bout:

Jones -600
Sonnen +400

That line is offered by, and is a ridiculously good line for people that are interested in betting on Jones. Bodog has already opened their line at -650/+425, and others will probably end up in that range if not higher, so this is most definitely the best price you're going to get on him for their April 27th bout. Considering that Jones was in between -750 and -1000 for his UFC 152 bout against Vitor Belfort, who at least had conceivable paths to victory (obviously it didn't work out that way), I'd be willing to lay a good chunk on JBJ right now against Sonnen.