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UFC 153: Glover Teixeira says Maldonado fight was stopped too early

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Glover Teixeira beat the crap out of Fabio Maldonado for 10 minutes in their UFC 153 bout before the ringside doctor mercifully brought an end to the bout. According to Teixeira though, the bout should have continued.

Esther Lin of MMA Fighting

One of UFC 153's more memorable bouts featured light heavyweights Glover Teixeira and Fabio Maldonado. Teixeira dropped Maldonado early and beat the bejesus out of him for the rest of the next two rounds, before a doctor finally stepped in and stopped the fight at the end of the second. Maldonado was out on his feet multiple times and was never really in the fight except for one brief glimmer of hope when he landed a combination near the end of the first. I felt that the bout went on too long, but apparently Teixeira doesn't agree. Glover talked to Globo's Sport TV, and actually thought the bout could have gone on longer:

"It was a great fight. I knew that Maldonado was a tough guy. I was even surprised that he had fallen there in the beginning of the round, but then I was also surprised he endured so much and continued fighting on the ground. But I knew it would be a tough fight, but he lasted this long. He's a guy I like, who I did not want to hurt either. I did not think the judges should have stopped it, it is difficult to say. I saw that he was hurt, a few times I saw the white of his eyes, but at all times he was fighting back, so he was not stopped."

I'm honestly shocked that he saw things that way. Was Maldonado fighting back? Yes, but it was basically on pure instinct and heart. The man was completely battered and beaten. This was one of those times when I wish MMA was more like boxing - if a guy is getting brutalized on the feet, a referee has no problem halting the bout even if he doesn't go down. Maldonado was out on his feet in both the first and second rounds, and the referee (Mario Yamasaki) should have stopped the bout late in the second. He chose to let the ringside doctor do his job for him instead, which is a shame.