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UFC 153 results recap: Anderson Silva vs. Stephan Bonnar

UFC 153 results and recap of all the action from the night's main event - Anderson Silva vs. Stephan Bonnar.

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

In the main event at UFC 153, Anderson Silva took on Stephan Bonnar in a Light Heavyweight fight. This was a classic underdog battle, and in the end, the underdog lost. Silva had little trouble in the fight, ultimately stopping Bonnar with a stiff knee in the first round. Silva extends his incredible streak to 16-0 in the UFC, 33-4 overall. Bonnar falls to 14-8 for his MMA record.

The fight was, as is so often the case with Silva, an incredible display of superiority. Silva simply saw everything Bonnar had for him and dealt with it. The two most memorable moments of the fight will surely be Silva brazenly inviting Bonnar to punch him against the cage, then dealing with those punches effortlessly, plus that final KO knee. To see the tough as nails Bonnar dropped like that was crazy, and shows just how vicious Silva can be.

What was the high spot of this fight?

While that knee was great, it was the rope-a-dope against the cage that most impressed me. I love those moments where Silva taps into his inner-Matrix, and this was one of them.

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Where do these guys go from here?

For Anderson Silva, the talk last night was all about a Jon Jones superfight, but I don't see that happening. If GSP beats Condit, they could finally go with a Silva vs. GSP superfight instead. If not, I expect Michael Bisping will get the call up to be slaughtered in a title fight.

Bonnar was quietly easing into retirement before this fight came along, and I expect he'll move back to that position. I won't say this is his last fight, as I suspect he will fight again, but it might be awhile.

Watch it now, later, or never?

Now. Just an incredible display, as always, from the sport's all time greatest.

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