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Dana White UFC 153 post-fight video scrum

UFC president Dana White speaks off the cuff to the assembled press after the UFC 153 press conference. He discusses Anderson Silva, the pound-for-pound rankings, Georges St. Pierre, Jon Fitch, Erick Silva, his need for surgery for Meniere's disease, Strikeforce and more.

UFC president Dana White spoke to the assembled media about Anderson Silva, his pound-for-pound rankings, Georges St. Pierre, Jon Jones, Alistair Overeem, his upcoming surgery for Meniere's disease and more. Notably, White ducks any questions involving the struggling Strikeforce promotion and its recent cancellation of a November 3 event in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

The post-press conference scrum is a long-standing Dana tradition and is often the source of the biggest news stories to come out of an event. Informal back-and-forths with the media are the format where White built his reputation as a straight-shooting no-nonsense truth-teller, a rarity in the world of sports and fight promoters.

Let us know what you think of Dana's performance tonight? Was he open and honest or was he putting some spin on the ball?

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