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UFC 153 results: Anderson Silva toys with Stephan Bonnar, then finishes him early

Esther Lin of MMA Fighting

The UFC did their best to play up the size difference between Stephan Bonnar and Anderson Silva but, as expected, it never mattered. After toying with Bonnar against the cage for most of the first round, Silva destroyed him with a knee to the solar plexus and finished him off with some punches. The finish came at 4:40 of the first round.

Bonnar went at Silva immediately, looking for a takedown and kneeing the thigh. Bonnar landed some short punches in the clinch while Silva threw a knee up the middle. Bonnar went back to looking for the takedown but Silva defended well. Bonnar landed a standing elbow and they continued to jockey against the fence. Bonnar finally broke, but Anderson stayed against the cage with his hands down. Bonnar tried to attack but missed a few times. Anderson actually looked towards his corner and gestured like "I got this, it's okay". Silva continued to let Bonnar attack him against the cage, which was odd.

It was apparently effective though, because Silva tripped The American Psycho, then drilled Bonnar with a knee to the body on his way up that collapsed Bonnar to the mat in pain. Silva jumped on him and rained down punches until the referee stopped the fight.

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