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UFC 153 results: Big Nog proves that jiu jitsu does work, submits Dave Herman

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Esther Lin of MMA Fighting

Dave Herman said BJJ doesn't work. I'm guessing he changed his mind at the second he had to tap out to an armbar from Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira. Big Nog largely dominated their UFC 153 fight, knocking down Herman with a punch and almost finishing him once before, but he finally got the sub he was looking for at 4:31 of the second round.

Herman threw a kick right away and got a big takedown. He looked to try and batter Nog on the ground, but didn't get much of anywhere and backed off. Herman landed some knees and a kick to the body. Big Nog caught a kick but couldn't get a takedown. Upon separation, Nogueira landed a nice right while Herman went back to the kicks. Nogueira went back to clinching against the cage looking for a takedown, but was unsuccessful once again. Herman finished the round with a goofy look on his face.

After handfighting for a little while, Big Nog dropped Herman with a solid right and jumped on him. Nogueira locked up an americana and moved to mount. Herman rolled over to his back, but Nogueira reversed to an armbar. He was unable to crank on it though, and Herman managed to get up. Herman hit a nice hiptoss, but didn't want to engage Nogueira on the ground once again. Nogueira got his own takedown and moved immediately to mount, then looked for another armbar. Herman defended well once again. Finally Nog flipped over, and back again, and elicited the tap from Herman.