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UFC 153 results: Glover Texeira dominates Fabio Maldonado

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Esther Lin of MMA Fighting

Glover Teixeira completely destroyed Fabio Maldonado in their UFC 153 light heavyweight fight, but Maldonado showed an amazing amount of heart. Teixeira was all over him from the opening bell, dropping him and beating the tar out of him on the ground but Maldonado persevered, got back to his feet on wobbly legs, and hurt Teixeira with a big punch near the end of the round. Maldonado hadn't even come close to recovering by the start of the second and got battered again for another five minutes, but he still managed to take it and keep coming back for more. Finally the doctor said no mas and stopped the bout after the second, but he still wanted to continue. Overall it was an amazing show from both men - Glover looked like a stone cold killer, and Maldonado showed off balls the size of grapefruits.

Teixeira landed a huge right immediately that stunned Maldonado, then another that dropped him. Teixeira took mount and rained down some punches, but Maldonado held on. Teixiera switched to elbows instead Teixeira locked up an arm triangle, but he was pretty close to the cage. He managed to push off a bit and really locked it up, but Maldonado somehow survived once again. Teixeira moved back into mount and went back to pounding away once again. Maldonado got out of mount and back upright, which was insane, but he was out on his feet. Teixeira just unloaded some more and the cage was the only thing holding Maldonado up, but Maldonado came back with two huge punches that actually hurt Teixeira really badly. He didn't have anything left in the tank to follow up though, and the round ended.

Maldonado was still half out of it as the second round began. Teixeira got a big takedown right away and took his back. Maldonado got back to his feet and landed a few jabs, and dug to the body. Teixeira went for another takedown and got it.Teixeira got mount pretty quickly and dropped a massive elbow. Maldonado escaped mount, but Teixeira continued to work away in half guard. Glover's pace slowed a bit, the fight was stood up. The bout is halted so the doctor can check on Maldonado, but he was able to continue. The fighters exchanged left hooks, and Glover landed a big right. Maldonado was walking in potholes again to end the round.

The doctor decided to stop the bout after the second round, much to Maldonado's dismay.