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UFC 153 results: Phil Davis submits Wagner Prado

Esther Lin of MMA Fighting

Phil Davis had a huge advantage over Wagner Prado in the grappling department, and it made all the difference in their UFC 153 light heavyweight bout. Davis controlled the first round with his wrestling, and snatched up a perfect anaconda choke to finish Prado late in the second. The finish came at 4:29 of the middle stanza.

Both men were looking to establish their range early, and not really throwing a lot. Davis looked to clinch with Prado but Prado backed off. Prado threw a head kick that got blocked. Davis ducked a punch and got a takedown against the cage. Prado tried to use the fence to get up, and eventually did. Davis took Prado's back while Wagner grabbed the cage about six times. Prado got up, but ended up on his back a few seconds later once again. Davis landed a big punch to the back of the head. Prado got up again, but Davis used a bodylock to get him back down and spent the rest of the round there.

The second started with the same measured pace as the first, until Davis finally jumped in for a takedown attempt 75 seconds in. Prado fought it off briefly, but ended up on his butt. Prado got up and managed to get back to striking range halfway through the round. Davis landed a nice combo, then took the fight back to the floor. Mr. Wonderful passed to side control and landed a couple of elbows. Davis set up an arm triangle, and had it locked up, but Prado managed to roll out. Davis recovered though, and slapped on a nasty anaconda choke after a gator roll. Prado had to tap to that.

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