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UFC 153 results: Rony Jason stops Sam Sicilia in round two

Esther Lin of MMA Fighting

TUF Brazil winner Rony "Jason" Mariano and Sam Sicilia came to brawl, but it was Jason that came out on top. After a wild first round where both men landed huge shots, Jason got off to a slower start in the second. He made up for it late though, hammering Sicilia to the mat and unloading with huge hammerfists that earned him a TKO victory. The finish came at 4:16 of the second round.

Both fighters miss with huge strikes off the start. Jason rocked Sicilia with a huge right, but Sicilia stayed in it. Jason landed a nice standing elbow, but Sicilia got a takedown. Sicilia almost got trapped in a sub, but landed a couple of big rights. Jason looked for a triangle and armbar but Sicilia shucked them off. And the referee stood them up right after that, which was retarded. Jason landed a nice flying knee and a counter left. Both men landed hand, winging punches. Jason started to batter him a bit near the end of the round.

The second started with a slower pace for the first minute or so. Sicilia was coming forward but didn't land anything of note. Sicilia finally landed a night right and a body kick. Jason's output was way down for some reason. Jason landed a big knee and they threw down once again, with Sicilia landing the best punch at the end. Both men landed some nice body shots. Jason ate a Sicilia punch, caught a kick, hammered Sicilia and took him down. He then proceeded to throw a ton of leather at Sicilia, and he eventually succumbed to thehammerfists and the ref stopped the fight.

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