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UFC 153 results: Gleison Tibau suvives major scare to take decision over Francisco Trinaldo

Esther Lin of MMA Fighting

Gleison Tibau was very, very close to getting finished by Francisco Trinaldo in the second round of their bout, but managed to stay alive and ended up taking a unanimous decision victory. Tibau threatened with chokes in the first and took the round, but ate a huge shot in the second and was stuck under Massaranduba for the rest of the round. He rebounded nicely in the third though, coming close to finishing the fight himself near the end with an arm triangle. All three judges had it 29-28 Tibau.

The fighters started slow, until Tibau got a big powerful takedown a minute in. He looked for a guillotine back on the feet, and dropped to the ground. Trinaldo just lifted him up and Tibau fell off. Tibau landed a nice combination against the fence once they returned to the feet. Tibau caught a kick, landed two punches, and bullied Massaranduba against the cage. Trinaldo came forward but missed with all his punches. Trinaldo landed three knees to the body with the thai clinch. Tibau got another big takedown and rode out the round on top.

Trinaldo walked Tibau down early in round two but couldn't connect with anything except a jab. Massaranduba landed a big left that dropped Tibau. Trinaldo jumped on him, took his back, and tried to sink a choke. Tibau fought it off though. Trinaldo advanced to mount and locked up an arm triangle, but Tibau got out of that as well. Massaranduba dropped some big elbows and lefts, but Tibau got back to guard. Trinaldo spent the rest of the round on top.

Both men came out throwing down like hockey players in the third. Tibau got the best of it, and got a takedown. Tibau stayed active on top with strikes, but nothing super damaging. Tibau advanced to half guard, but the referee stood them up halfway through the round. Tibau made it a moot point by taking it right back to the floor. Tibau slipped over into mount and methodically worked to set up an arm triangle choke. He got it, but Massaranduba was able to lock his leg and stay alive. Tibau spent the rest of the round in mount.

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