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UFC champ Jon Jones reconsidering Chael Sonnen fight due to fan interest

UFC Light Heavyweight champion Jon Jones tweets that he is now open to the possibility of fighting Chael Sonnen because there is so much fan interest in seeing the fight.

Paul Abell-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

UFC Light Heavyweight champ Jon Jones infamously turned down a last second fight with Chael Sonnen that forced the cancellation of UFC 151. At the time he felt he wouldn't be prepared to face the Middleweight fighter who was coming off a TKO loss to Anderson Silva at UFC 148. Jones also insisted that Sonnen didn't deserve the shot.

Now Jones is tweeting that he might be changing his mind. First tweet:

Second tweet:

I can understand Jones' concerns about a Sonnen fight but am glad that he is open-minded enough to adapt to what the fans want.

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