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Anderson Silva says no to Jon Jones superfight, Dana White says it'll happen

Despite Anderson Silva saying again that he would not be fighting Jon Jones at some point in the future, UFC president Dana White is telling fans it will happen.

Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Superfights between division champions are a topic that won't go away for the UFC. For the longest time the calls for a superfight centered around dominant champions Anderson Silva and Georges St. Pierre.

Now, with Silva set to fight in the 205 pound division for the third time in his UFC career and the emergence of Jon Jones as the probable heir to Silva's unstoppable superstar throne, the attention seems more focused on a fight between Silva and Jones.

It's a fight that both Silva and Jones have both repeatedly said they have no plans of taking. Today that was reinforced at the press conference for UFC 153 with Silva answering a question about the potential fight by saying "Look, there are many possibilities, but fighting Jon Jones is one that is not possible, there's no way."

But the fact that neither champion wants the fight nor do they need the fight, isn't standing in UFC president Dana White's way, as mentioned on Ariel Helwani's twitter:

Obviously it's a fight that fans want to see, and it would be huge business for the UFC. But I don't know what larger benefit there is to trying to force your best fighters into bouts they have expressed no desire to take part in.

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