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UFC 153 - Erick Silva: Fitch has 'never faced a guy who moves like me'

Top welterweight prospect Erick Silva steps into the octagon Saturday night to face the stiffest test of his career, Jon Fitch. See what he had to say about the UFC 153 matchup.

Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Erick Silva has been extremely impressive in his three UFC fights thus far, but he's taking a huge step up in competition at UFC 153 this weekend when he meets former UFC welterweight title challenger Jon Fitch. Silva spoke to ESPN about the matchup, and believes that Fitch has never faced anyone with his particular skill set before:

"He never faced a guy who moves like me," Silva said. "He's very good on controlling the clinch and taking people down, but for it to happen he needs to reach me first.

"Of course this is a 15-minute fight, and perhaps he can find the perfect time, but I'm prepared to defend and to fight wherever I need to. Fitch is a good with his gameplan, but I'm explosive and confident.

"Fitch will face the best Erick Silva who ever stepped into the Octagon. Each fight I evolve, I get stronger, and I've dealt nicely with the weight cut. I'm coming from three good fights and I'm very excited for this challenge. I'm pumped."

This bout is one of the hardest to call on the main card, and should be an excellent style clash. Of all the fights on the card, this is the one I'm looking forward to the most.

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