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UFC releases Carlo Prater, Rich Attonito

The UFC continues to chop some fighters (not literally...) off of their roster, as Carlo Prater and Rich Attonito have been sent packing by the promotion.

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The dreaded pink slip continues to surface for some UFC fighters.

After releasing DaMarques Johnson and Shane Roller following their recent defeats at UFC on FUEL 5 and UFC on FX 5 respectively, lightweight Carlo Prater and welterweight Rich Attonito join the chopping block list. MMA Opinion's Ian Bain has the story:

The cuts just keep coming from the UFC.

Following the releases of Demarques Johnson and Rich Attonito earlier this week, Carlo Prater (30-12-1) has been given his marching orders following a 1-2 run with the organization.

Ariel Helwani of MMA Fighting detailed why Attonito was released, with the explanation coming from UFC matchmaker Joe Silva himself:

When Krauss pulled out of UFC on FUEL TV 5, Silva offered Rich Attonito the fight against Nelson via Attonito's manager Dan Lambert. Lambert spoke to the American Top Team fighter, who agreed to take the welterweight bout. The next day, Lambert called Silva to tell him Attonito said he would not be able to make the 170-pound weight limit on short notice. Silva then offered him the opportunity to take the fight at a 175-pound catch weight, which both Attonito and Nelson, through his manager and father Haraldur Nelson, agreed to. The next day, Lambert called Silva back again to inform him that Attonito would not be able to make the 175-pound catch weight either. As a result, Silva decided to release Attonito from his contract.

Prater was 1-2 and that 1 win was a DQ against Erick Silva, a fight that was a surefire TKO win for Silva until he hit Prater in the back of the head. He lost to T.J. Grant in May and while he might have been unlucky to lose to Marcus LeVesseur by split decision, it was an incredibly dull bout.

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