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UFC 153: Anderson Silva talks Stephan Bonnar, Georges St. Pierre

UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva talks to Ariel Helwani (in English!) at the UFC 153 open workouts before his bout with Stephan Bonnar. He says he's focused on a bout with Georges St. Pierre after this one.

UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva stepped up for the UFC when the UFC 153 card fell apart due to injuries, and agreed to face off with Stephan Bonnar at light heavyweight. He did an interview with MMA Fighting's Ariel Helwani at the open workouts today, and surprisingly, the entire thing was in English. He started off by saying that Dana White came to him and offered him a few fights, but he said that he'd fight anybody and Bonnar is the guy that got the bout. He tried to sell Bonnar as a tough opponent for a bit as well. When asked about not having to cut weight for the 205-pound bout, he plugged a few sponsors while answering the question:

"No, I'm fine, I'm good. This time I don't cut weight, I'm good. I go for the Burger King, Coca Cola, ice cream. It's good."

He continued on about Bonnar, saying he's very tough and he would go for the finish in the first round if he got the chance. The topic switched to what might be next for Silva after this bout, and he was asked specifically if a bout with Georges St. Pierre is what he wants:

Yeah. This is my focus.

Helwani led him with questions a bit after that, asking him if he might be done at middleweight and even drop the title. Silva said yes to some, then maybe, then I don't know, but it might have been a language barrier issue. He followed that up by saying that he thinks he has 2-3 more fights at 185, but he doesn't know if a fight with GSP would be in a different weight class or not.

Overall he doesn't really say a whole lot in the interview, but it's pretty cool to watch him do interviews in English and be so jovial about everything.

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