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Joe Rogan gets tapped by Hyun Gyu Lim?

A Sherdog forum member relays the story of Hyun Gyu Lim (UFC on Fuel 6 fighter) grappling with Joe Rogan.

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The great thing about the combat sports world is that it is truly global. Fans, athletes and coaches can and do come from all around the world. One recent thread over at the Sherdog forums caught my eye, as it was by Hufusopem, a person who primarily posts about Korean MMA.

This one happened to be a doozy, as it tells the secondhand story of a sparring session between Hyun Gyu Lim, a 6'2" welterweight and Korean Top Team prospect that will fight Marcelo Guimaraes at UFC on Fuel 6 in November, and Joe Rogan, the UFC commentator.

The thread can be found here:

I'm just listening to a hilarious story Hyun Gyu Lim is telling on a Korean MMA radio show.

He was in America sparring in a camp in California in preparation for Dongi Yang's fight.

So Lim was finished with the training session and was about to go to the showers when lo and behold Joe Rogan comes into the gym. Lim's coach tells him to spar with Joe Rogan.

Lim had no idea Joe Rogan was a bjj black belt and rolled with him thinking Joe was just a strong guy who trained for fun.
But after rolling for a few minutes Lim realized Rogan was really strong and really good at bjj and before he knew it Rogan got his back for like 3 minutes, and rolled for an armbar.

Of course Lim's pride was a bit hurt so he got out of the armbar and threw a perfect flying triangle choke and got Rogan in the sub.
But Rogan being the strong HGH ox he is wouldn't tap so Lim switched to an armbar and cranked and Joe screamed.

So afterwards Lim felt so bad that he went up to Joe and apologized profusely. But Rogan just gave him a death stare and basically ignored him.

They are laughing that there is no way Joe Rogan is going to say good things about Lim now when he fights in the UFC.


A few things to know about this situation...

Joe elbow got tweaked in the flying triangle/armbar which is why he didn't respond to Ace's apology at the beginning. A little while later, after Joe sat down a while and iced it, he was cool with it. Ace did apologize again and Joe was gracious about it.

Joe is strong as hell, and on the way back to where we were staying, Ace realized that he had strained a rib (or, rather that Joe had injured his rib) really badly rolling with Joe.


-They also talk about how all the UFC fighters at the gym were so impressed by Lim and kept asking the coach why he wasn't in the UFC.

-Also talked about why Chan Sung Jung has such good cardio, because he is from a muay thai background and doesn't use as much footwork compared to a boxer like Hyun Gyu Lim who has a lot of footwork and movement.

-Lim wanted his first fight to be either Akiyama, Thiago Alves, or Jake Shields because he was confident he could beat all 3

I will bet dollars to doughnuts that Rogan would beat the pants off Lim in a pure grappling environment in most rolls. However, one is a professional athlete and the other is a hobbyist in decent shape and such things can happen. Hopefully, Rogan wasn't injured in any significant way back in 2010 - which is when I figure this incident occurred.

Dongi Yang found Chris Camozzi at UFC 121 in Anaheim, California back in October of 2010 - which lines up with what Lim says (and is long before Rogan got his black belts from Eddie Bravo or from Jean Jacques Machado). Rogan probably has long forgotten this and his professionalism should not seriously be called in question for any future commentating bias resulting from this sparring session.

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