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Dana White Guarantees New York MMA Legalization in 2012

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Dana White has been making the radio rounds lately and there has been a lot of great information coming out of it. From his statement that Cyborg had been stripped of her Strikeforce title to his announcement of The Ultimate Fighter Brazil airing on Fuel TV in the U.S. to now making a guarantee that New York will legalize the sport of mixed martial artis this year.

MMA Fighting with the transcript:

"We're so close," White recently told the MMA Fight Corner show on FOX Sports Radio. "It's going to happen, and I guarantee you it's going to happen this year."


"It's going to depend on what it happens, timing and everything else, but obviously, it would be nice to go in there with, probably, Jon Jones," he said.

The UFC and others filed a lawsuit in late 2011 against the mixed martial arts ban, it's unclear if his guarantee has anything to do with that suit or just a feeling based on information of how things are moving currently.

I still think the legalization in New York isn't all that important (or is at least overblown in how important people think it is), but it'd be great if the whole issue was finally put to bed.