Looks Like WMMA is Done. And I say... "Meh."


I will miss this.

So Dana is stripping Cyborg of the belt, and most likely scrapping the Division altogether.

I have long been on the fence about WMMA. I'm not a sexist by any means, and if a woman wants to get punched in the face I say all the power to her. My initial reaction to seeing girls fight was indeed a bit sexist though, as I opined along with Matt Hughes "I just don't like seeing girls getting punched. It ain't right." The more I saw of it, however, the more I began to think that there is no good reason for them not too, I was just being an antiquated dickwad.

Plus I'm pretty sure Matt secretly had a boner half the time whenever he was watching WMMA.

I didn't though.

All boners aside, I was still having a hard time finding the merit in WMMA. I had questions that seemed to have no answers; Are corn rows mandatory? Are titty punches legal? Is there a Gentleman's agreement not to punch the titties in the case that they are? Is small-titty manipulation allowed? As you can see, most of my questions were titty-centric, and no one could tell me the answers.

Then along came this little girl named Cyborg, and all my titty questions were suddenly rendered moot.

"That's a fuckin man," I said. HotWife was offended by this, but after Cyborg finished with the televised rape I heard her whisper to herself "That ees a fuckeen man..."

All Misogyny aside, watching Cyborg dispatch her clearly over matched foes did little to increase WMMA's appeal to me. It seemed every opponent she faced was a normal girl, while Cyborg was just as ripped as her male 145lb counterparts. It really, truly, felt to me that any fight involving Cyborg was literally a man against a woman. In other words, not a fair fight. It wouldn't matter how skilled her opponent was, she could outland Cyborg 100 to 1 and it wouldn't mean shit because of the incredible mismatch in physicality. That is not the point of MMA, in my opinion. This is why we have weight classes, we want a fair physical matchup so skill is the deciding factor.


I had a point here, hmmm.... Oh!

Ultimately I feel that WMMA can never be placed alongside its male counterpart simply because it is not the best fighting possible to watch. Women simply cannot take it to the level men can, however politically incorrect that may be, it is a glaring truth. I'm willing to bet any Amateur Male 145lb scrapping twice a month regionally could knock, choke, and dominate the fuck out of Cyborg without breaking a sweat. And Aldo? What would he do to her? It would look like a crime, not a fight.

Just like all of Cyborg's actual fights, which apparently is the best that WMMA has to offer.

I like Ronda Rousey, and love watching her snatch arms up, but am I going to pay $50 to see it, ever?

Are you?

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