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BJ Penn Tweets Hard At Nick Diaz, Jon Fitch, Manager Says 'B.J.'s Back'

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Nick Diaz: Esther Lin
Nick Diaz: Esther Lin

This afternoon, the official twitter of B.J. Penn sent out an incredibly bizarre tweet. Most immediately believed that the former lightweight champion's twitter was hacked and that it was the work of some deranged fan who decided to have a little fun on twitter. The tweet was an attack on Nick Diaz and Jon Fitch, two former Penn opponents. After the Diaz fight, BJ announced his retirement in the cage and was set to walk away from the sport of MMA. And since UFC 139, he's been extremely quiet and reclusive. It appears that Penn still has the itch to fight.

The tweet from BJ Penn:

. - @nickdiaz209 Look how much bigger you are in this pic..I thought you were gonna (cont)
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Full text from the tweet:

. - @nickdiaz209 Look how much bigger you are in this pic..I thought you were gonna scrap from the beginning homie? What was that coward fence holding strategy to tire out the smaller man? Street fighter my ass! I made you fight like glass jaw @jonfitchdotnet poser! I'll be ready for that weak bs next time we fight!

Pedro Carrasco, the MMA news director of addressed the bizarre tweet on the MMA forum the UG:

"Pedro Carrasco - and there is a reason why he posted it, He is fired up because now that the holidays are over and a lot of his post-fight distractions are behind him he has nothing to do but think about things and he is not happy with the way he performed in his last several fights.

I am not here to make excuses for him, but I am pretty sure people, at least with some sense of intelligence, can identify that the BJ that fought Edgar, Fitch and Diaz was not the same Penn that fought the Diego's and Florians of the world

Things changed, but as it sits right now, he is back. That killer mentality and fire is back and it's been brewing for a while now and today's tweet is a result of it just boiling over!

Expect more from Penn to come for sure! "

I hope that Pedro Carrasco is right in his assessment of BJ Penn's current attitude regarding his career. The BJ Penn that ruled the lightweight division isn't the one who has shown up lately in the UFC. However, if BJ is using his News Director to plant a story in hopes of angling for another fight with Diaz, he could end up extremely injured. He needs to commit himself 100% to training and unless he does so, he'll just continue to tarnish his legacy.