BE's 2012 #9 BW prospect needs help to keep training

Selected by Bloody Elbow's Scout Report as the #9 Bantamweight prospect in 2012, Leandro Higo has some big hurdles to overcome in order to become a top fighter.

Higo works as a night security guard in his native Mossoró, Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil. Although Mossoró is a fast growing city, when it comes to MMA it lacks proper teachers. Higo relies on his BJJ coaches and fellow fighters to prepare, but there's no striking coach he can get a help from.

Add to that the lack of training partners and some times a person to hold mitts for him and you have a big talent being wasted. This could end, though.

Higo got the call to come to Natal, RN's capital, and train full time at Pitbull Brothers, team recently founded by Patricio and Patricky "Pitbull" Freire with some of the best, if not the best, fighters and trainers in Northeast of Brazil.

The problem is that for Higo to come to Natal he would have to stop working and his income would be zero. As he has no sponsorships, he can't enjoy this opportunity yet, because he has a wife and son to support and he would have to help with rent, food, etc.

He needs a monthly sponsorship of at least U$ 400.00 in order to be able to make the move. This is a guy that within the year could be fighting in the US, but needs help to get that far.

If you're from a company or knows one that would be able to help him, please make it happen. An entire family will thank you, then the entire world of MMA when Higo rises to prominence.

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