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How's Taste My Tweet Tweet? MMA on Twitter - Chael Sonnen Says Brock Lesnar Was Robbed, Schiavello Calls Fedor a Diva


A few updates on what's been going on in the MMA Twitterverse


"WOW Brock just retired. He was a great champion and a true asset to the sport of MMA. Thank you " -Shane Carwin

"Brock was robbed!!!" -Chael Sonnen

"Brock was getting ready to leap all over that big bum. He was loading himself on the floor, like a coiled spring, and they stopped it..." -Chael Sonnen

"I've grown skeptical of a sport that tolerates the type of injustice that Brock faced tonight. So, I am retiring." -Chael Sonnen

"Not immediately" -Chael Sonnen, these two tweets about "retirement" have since been deleted. Probably cause a lot of people took it seriously.


"Chael Sonnen, acabei de sair da cirurgia, mas posso lhe dar seu presente dentro do octogono com um so braco e so vc aceitar a luta." -Lyoto Machida, here's the translated version of the tweet - "Chael Sonnen, I just had surgery but I can still give you your present in the octagon with just one arm. All you have to do is accept"

"I don't have time for "pee pee" mouth. All the time I can spare him is enough to cold cock him and walk away." -Chael Sonnen

There's a ton of tweets after the jump, but first, don't forget to follow me on twitter: @antontabuena

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"Lots of Fedor love after Ishii win. Back to back for Fedor but I’d like to see a true test of his current mettle against a better name" -Michael Schiavello

"BTW Fedor is SUCH a DIVA! Other fighters & us sat on bus for about 90 min after show because Fedor apparently needs a bus all to himself! Even Bibi Fernandes and his team were booted off the second bus because "that is Fedor’s bus," mind you these are like 70 seat tour buses! ...Seriously, it was just plain RUDE. Fighters want to get to their hotel we ALL HAD TO WAIT & Bibi had to clear off the Fedor bus. If greats like Hoost, JLB, Sefo, Schilt, Hunt, Hug, Aerts etc can all bus share, Fedor can too." -Michael Schiavello

"Fancy booting Bibi Fernandes & his team off ONE BUS and onto the other more crowded one. Dude just won the B/W GP! Not to mention sitting there for 90 mins on a bus at 1230am waiting, waiting, waiting… I get the "special treatment" thing but hey, hire a small private van or a limousine, I’ve seen that done before. Don’t keep others waiting." -Michael Schiavello

"Andy Hug was a far bigger star in Japan than Fedor and I never once knew Andy to order his own bus & clear out others. Fact. No hate, I love Fedor’s style of fighting, huge fan, just saying the diva bus demand was harsh on other fighters waiting to go." -Michael Schiavello

"I don’t think it’s fedor I think it’s his people. He is not like that at all." -Tim Sylvia

"Thanks Tim, I think so too. Trouble is that management reflects on their clients, hence this reflects on Fedor." -Michael Schiavello

"My apologies to Fedor if that's the case, all I know we were TOLD "that is fedor's bus only"" -Michael Schiavello


" Luke Rockhold is a champion who defends on Jan 7. But what made him who he is today? WATCH:" -Showtime Sports

" 'Road to 142' video diary for fight (Episode two)" -MMA Mania

"Reflections from on 141, Lesnar's retirement, and the new season of TUF" -UFC


"Going nuts n Vegas." -

" my friends told me that you left your jacket in the club. They took it with them so DM so we can make sure you get it back" -Alistair Overeem


"Back to work on monday thanks for the support 0 injuries 0 anything Volkmann just held me down n didnt do nothing. I want to dance no hug!!!" -

"My Whole right arm hurts so bad that I can't even sleep I hate this feeling my arm hurts but my heart hurts the most :(" -Manny Gamburyan

"I'm sorry i let everyone down, but my hats off to he had an awesome performance." -Nam Phan

"Sorry to all of my fans. I have let you all down." -Jon Fitch


"@joeB135 i got you a x mas present i think u w like." -Clay Guida


"Gettin ready to head out for the trails.. snackin on a Honey Stinger Waffle and Emergenc-C to wash it down.. natural energy & vitamins Mmm ;) " -Natasha Wicks


"My beautiful big sis & I at last night.. popped her&her hubbies UFC LIVE cherries! They were pleased ;)" -Natasha Wicks


"Happy Hump Day!! ;)" -Natasha Wicks


"Love my dress! Perfect for nye!!" -Arianny Celeste


" Gangsta and sweet... She's up I no good " -Arianny Celeste




"@ufc just emailed me sayn speedo shorts are prohibited! Haha thanks Dennis Hallman" -Duane Ludwig

"I guess I'm on twitter solely to find out what it feels like to be a victim of cyberbullying. It suck. Damn people mean" -Forrest Griffin

"My new years resolution is to be less of a dick. A lot of you need to so this as well... Im real f$$king person it's suck that every time I on here some throws my greatest failure in my face. I can take a joke but how m..." -Forrest Griffin

"Considering all the horrible things @PhilMrWonderful likes to make up about me I was a lil scared to meet his mom, but she was very nice :)" -Joey Beltran

"I wear my wife's @ShayMcCall 's victoria secret sweats to get bagels for the family ... So what if they say pink on the ass" -Ian McCall

"Lady drawing my blood just now asks if I do that tapout stuff? Umm no, not really." -Duane Ludwig

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