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Joining Dana White's Feud With Anonymous May Cost Cop His Job

Officer Mike Rood with Chuck Liddell
Officer Mike Rood with Chuck Liddell

UFC president Dana White has been feuding with the hacker collective Anonymous since last week when the UFC web site was hacked over their support of the controversial SOPA legislation. White challenged the "internet cowards" to do more and they have.

The latest casualty of the conflict is apparently a Richmond, CA police officer who tweeted in support of White:

"Get those hacking (expletive). I'm a cop in the bay area CA. (sic) I would go at them with both guns!" Mike Rood @Fan1UFC

Anonymous noticed the tweet a few days later and flooded the Richmond PD with complaints.

The San Jose Mercury News has more:

"In his tweet, he expresses his desire to use firearms to deal with problematic people," several posters wrote on the Contra Costa Times' Facebook page, apparently copying a form letter. "I fear for the safety of the citizens of Richmond after seeing such irresponsible action displayed by one of its very own police officers."

Richmond police Capt. Mark Gagan would not confirm the identity of the officer, citing state privacy protections, or discuss particulars of the case. He said the department received a flood of complaints beginning Monday evening.
"We are well aware of the response people have had to the situation," Gagan said. "We are opening an investigation, and we will get to the bottom of it. If there were policy violations, we will deal with it appropriately."

More on Dana White vs. Anonymous:

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