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UFC May Have Issues With Stadium Show In Sao Paulo Brazil

Pacaembu Stadium in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Pacaembu Stadium in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Brazil's Esporte is reporting that noise ordinances may preclude the UFC doing a stadium show in Sao Paulo, Brazili this summer. The promotion is hoping to feature a middleweight title rematch between champion Anderson Silva and his nemesis Chael Sonnen this summer and had talked about doing the show from a Sao Paulo stadium.

"We still do not have a decision on the UFC, but for me and to the Mayor (Gilberto Kassab), we'd like for it to happen in the Pacaembu (stadium). However, we have a legislation (in the city), and we have to respect a limit in the scheduling due to the noise. Because of this, it's getting harder to hold events in São Paulo. Even in the Morumbi (stadium), there would be difficulties and I feel that, if this doesn't work out, the UFC will have to look (for another city to host its event)," said Bebetto Haddad, the Secretary of Sports in Sao Paulo.

Haddad was trying his best to get the smaller Pacaembu Stadium (40k + spectators) to hold the UFC event instead of the bigger Morumbi stadium (75k+ spectators), claiming that the UFC wouldn't need to pay the rent of 2 million Reais and would also bring in a special team to set up and dismantle the octagon after the event, claiming it would not damage the field.

A non-profit organization called Viva Pacaembu, would be thrilled to bring the UFC to the stadium, but claims it needs to happen at the appropriate time slot:

What is obvious is that this (event is going to show fights), but the type of show that accompanies this type of event brings in loud music, and this can't happen. I believe they'll have the common sense in finding another place (to hold the UFC) - said the president of the Viva Pacaembu, Iênidis Benfati.

The law prohibits major noise from 10PM to 8AM, the UFC is scheduled to end around 2AM in June.

Translations by Bloody Elbow's own Orcus.

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