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UFC 145: Jon Jones Won't Ask Greg Jackson To Corner Him Against Rashad Evans

UFC light heavyweight champ Jon Jones called in to the MMA Hour today. Jones spoke with host Ariel Helwani about his upcoming title defense against former teammate Rashad Evans. Evans beat Phil Davis this past Saturday at UFC on Fox 2 in a number one contender's match.

The two fighters have been engaged in a bitter feud ever since Jones stepped in for an injured Evans to take a title shot against Mauricio "Shogun" Rua at UFC 128. Jones won that fight handily and Evans has been trying to get a title shot ever since.

Helwani asked Jones if Greg Jackson would be cornering him against Evans.

"Rashad and Greg had some genuine moments and I wouldn't put him in that position. ...I could never imagine [Jackson] coaching against me, and I wouldn't put that pressure on him to coach against Rashad," Jones replied.

Despite the acrimony, Jones hopes that he and Evans can improve their relationship once they have fought.

"I'd love to have a respectful relationship with him, because actually, deep down, I kind of just liked hanging with the guy," said Jones. "He was cool. We had good times. We did a lot of cool stuff together and it sucked that competition came between our friendship. After this fight, I just hope that the respect can be restored. Friendship is not necessary, but the respect should be restored," Jones told Helwani.

Jones also told Helwani that he

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