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UFC Champion Georges St. Pierre Issues Video Update On His Injury

UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre just released a new video updating fans on the status of his injury. With Nick Diaz and Carlos Condit preparing to fight for an interim version of his welterweight title this coming Saturday at UFC 143, GSP is reminding fans that the champ is still alive, if not entirely well.

"Hi everyone! I'm back in Montreal for the weekend. I just started training gymnastics again. I'm very limited in what I can do but I had a great workout. Pat prepared a great training program for me. I'll see everyone next weekend in Las Vegas for the fight, Condit [vs.] Diaz."

Transcribed by MMA Mania.

GSP tore the ACL in his right knee while preparing to face Nick Diaz at UFC 143. He had reconstructive surgery in early December. Ironically GSP missed a UFC 137 bout with Carlos Condit due to a strained MCL in his left knee. According to GSP he tore his ACL by favoring his left knee when he returned to training too soon after that injury.

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