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UFC 141: Alistair Overeem Receives Full Purse for Brock Lesnar Fight

Prior to Alistair Overeem's UFC 141 bout with Brock Lesnar, it was announced that Overeem's former management team at Golden Glory had filed a lawsuit against him for breach of contract. Word came out that Overeem's purse would be held in escrow until the matter was resolved. While it was true that there was a court order for the purse to be held, it was contingent on Golden Glory doing a little work on their end. This didn't happen and Overeem was given his check.

ESPN has the story:

Despite a court order calling for over 90 percent of Alistair Overeem's guaranteed purse to be held in escrow following his fight on Friday against Brock Lesnar, the 31-year-old Dutch heavyweight was paid in full.

A Nevada court, citing an existing and enforceable pact between Overeem and Knock Out Investments, a fighter management group, decreed that UFC parent company Zuffa "is directed to issue a check from the portion of the purse owed to Overeem in the respective amount of $241,285.49, made payable to Knock-Out Investments; and that the Nevada State Athletic Commission shall hold" the check pending further order of the court.

That order was contingent on KOI, also known as Golden Glory, posting a $200,000 surety bond by fight time.

That bond appeared to have not been posted, thus Overeem took home his full $385,714.28 with more to come after he receives his portion of the PPV. Golden Glory says they have more legal actions planned for the future.

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