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UFC On Fox 2 Results Recap: Charles Oliveira Vs. Eric Wisely

Charles Oliveira at UFC on Fox 2 by Esther Lin
Charles Oliveira at UFC on Fox 2 by Esther Lin

In preliminary Featherweight action, Charles Oliveira defeated Eric Wisely with a calf slicer submission. The tap came at 1:43 in the first round. Charles Olveira wins in his featherweight debut and improves his record to 15-2 (1) and 3-2 (1) in the UFC. Eric Wisely was making his debut and is now 0-1 in the organization and 19-7 overall.

Looking at the match up, this was a fight set up to showcase Oliveira's skills. The UFC is desperate for new blood in the featherweight division and it is much cheaper to reinvest in a fighter they already have than build a fighter they just signed. Based on the performance last night, I expect Oliveira to be placed on the face track towards a featherweight title shot. Eric Wisely will likely not get another chance to make a first impression.

What was the high spot of this fight?.

The transition from knee bar to calf slicer was ridiculously awesome.

Where do these guys go from here?

Charles Oliveira decided to cut to featherweight after getting completely trounced by Donald Cerrone. He looked really sharp and maintained both his speed and strength which means that he now provides new blood in a stagnent division. Maybe a fight with Cub Swanson? Both fighters were victorious in Chicago and can test each other.

Eric Wisely is a completely different story. Wisely was making his UFC debut and got caught in an incredibly unlikely submission. He may get brought back for another fight but he didn't really give the UFC any reason to give him another shot last night. Likely a one and done fighter.

Watch it now, later or never?

Now. That calf slicer was beautiful.

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